Who We Are

Inovamolde, Lda was founded in 2009 based on the experience acquired by its founders in the plastics and metallurgy sector, which since the late 90s had been producing plastic injection molds as well as cutting tools.

Given the technological development achieved, it was possible to find customers interested in supplying high precision technical molds, thus having the sector evolved into a company of its own.

Initially with a space of about 150 m2 of covered area, where 3 employees work with 2 CNC machines (Machining Center), 1 electro erosion machine, a flat grinding machine and several support machines.

In November of this year, Inovamolde began the production of precision molds for its own use. At present, Inovamolde has the capacity to manufacture about 25 molds / year of small size, whose weights vary between 15 Kg and 1000 Kg. Using the latest technologies, with the use of CAD / CAM / CAE software.

MISSION: Maximize value and benefit, in a strategic positioning of excellence in the business of developing high technology products, in partnership with our customers, using polymeric materials.

VISION: Growing, sustainably, optimizing knowledge and responding to business demands in the global market, always keeping in mind the perspective of the client, society, innovation, learning and shareholders.